Sep 29, 2020 | Company, Equipment, Events, Services, Tablet Coaters

Last week we successfully performed the Remote Factory Acceptance Test of an OPTIMA Tablet Coater for a major pharmaceutical customer from Algeria.

Due to the situation with COVID-19 and the global pandemic, our client decided not to travel to our facilities. In exchange, we offered the possibility to carry out a remote FAT with all the guarantees.

A camera system was deployed focusing around the machine and inside the coating drum, mobile cameras that allowed us to show all the details, and a remote connection to the control panel so they were able to check all the actions we were doing.
Using specific software for streaming broadcasting and video calls, we could keep constant communication while the customer had a general overview of all the cameras and the possibility to enlarge one of them to observe in more detail some specific elements during all the coating process.
While our technicians carried out all the necessary steps, as in a face-to-face FAT, the customer was able to see all the details, talk with our technicians, and directly check all the desired information.

A great success that we will repeat in the coming days with several scheduled remote FATs.