Feb 5, 2019 | Company

STE Tecpharm is committed to maintaining an economic and sustainability model which focuses on areas such as design thinking, systems thinking, reuse and recycling:

At STE Tecpharm we design our equipment considering:

Rational energy consumption: water, electricity and steam
We select the best equipment to transform mass and energy
Traceability Software to control and visualize consumption
Specialized Software which deals with resource optimization
Minimizing the costs associated with production without neglecting environmental costs
Collection and recycling of old equipment
Reuse of useful pieces
Treating and processing all generated waste

For STE Tecpharm the importance of the circular economy approach, is one where not only the company benefits, but also the environment, the social economy and sustainability. It is a strategy that aims to reduce both the entry of materials and the production of virgin waste, in an effort to close economic and ecological loops.