STE TECPHARM offers all range of services: installation “turnkey concept” within the client facilities, start-up, qualification,training and production support.

Pilot plant testing

STE Techpharm has a pilot plant of 250 sqm. to make all type of tests. We can provide optimization of existing methods and new technology transfer. We have all type of technologies in order to be tested as pilot scale:

· Wet granulation (from 20 to 50 L)

· Fluid bed dryer (from 5 to 10 L)/(with bottom spray for microgranules and top spray granulation).

· Blending system with different containers shape: Bi-cone/Bin/V/drum (from 5 to 75 l).

· Calibrator for wet and dry granules (conic and cylindrical).

· Perforated pan coating (from 2 to 5 kg).

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Before sending any equipement, we perform internal tests to ensure proper running operation. We have all the utilities (steam, treated water, etc...) to simulate the operative conditions of equipment, prior to being installed on the customer's site.

Engineering and Instalation

A large experience integrating process equipment with our Engineering Company: STE ENGIPHARM. We have all capabilities to provide a real turnkey solution in the lay-out of the client. Process machinery is not easy to install due to the specific requirements of each facitily, placement of AHU's and other periferics in the technical area. Customized solution is always required, to adapting the equipment to the facility of the client, ensuring the perfect performance of the final implemented solution.


As required by GMP's and according with the VMP of our clients, we need to qualify the equipment. To qualify an equipment before their start-up it is extremely important to guarantee a complete control of the process. From DQ (design qualification) to IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operation qualification). STE Tecpharm can develop all these protocols fitted to the client's requirements. Also an execution service is offered in order to execute the IQ/OQ protocols after the installation. Assistance to PQ (Performance Qualification) is also a service to our customers.

Start-up & training

STE Techpharm has a team of skilled technicians to perform the commissioning of the equipment. Our objective is to help customers to manage the equipment by himself with our assistance during the first batches. Our technicians perform specific training to all the staff of the customer. The training is focused to the operators and to the maintenance & engineering staff.

After sales service

Our goal is to make a difference with the after-sales service. We have a team of well-trained technicians to provide support, both remotely and at the customer site. Our equipment are equipped with Ethernet communication technology. This allows us to perform a quick virtual remote assistance from our technical department. We are also ready to offer a good service of spare parts with fast response times.