Cerdanyola del Vallès Production Center
Sant Quirze Production Center
Pilot Plant

STE Headquarters | Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

STE TECPHARM, which develops process equipment for solid products. The facilities are equipped with the best services, assembly workshop, 2 automatic warehouses to locate the parts and spare parts, area dedicated to FAT’s conditioned with all the necessary peripherals (compressed air, water, steam, CTA’s, etc. ) to perform the tests in the most optimal conditions.


The same central building also is home of the software department, the electrical department, the engineering department, R & D, the buying group and the rest of central services of the Group and Accounting.

STE Production Plant | Sant Quirze (Barcelona)

This Production plant is located 15 minutes away from the headquarters premises, is dedicated to the large equipment production and / or height of more than 4m.
It can also provide all the services to be able to produce the equipment with the highest quality and to offer a FAT service with the best conditions.

STE  Pilot Plant:

At our Pilot Plant of more than 250m² equipped with our own technology, we carry out all kinds of tests for our customers and for internal use. We work from the optimisation of existing methods to the transfer of new technologies.
We provide process technology at your fingertips on a pilot scale:

1) Compact Line:
• Granulator TP G 50
• Conic Calibrator Ci120
• Fluid Bed Dryer TP S 60
• Conic Calibrator Cs120

2) Mixer:
• Drum Mixer: TP MBA200

3) Coater:
• Coater interchangable drump: TRi50
• 5-10 Kg
• 10-25 Kg
• 25-50 Kg

4) Colum lifter to Compressed machine:
• TP HCB200

5) Other Machines:
• Compressed machine (20 stations)
• Capsule machine (40 stations)

6) Other installations:
Dispensing area
Quality Control Equipment