Cerdanyola del Vallès Production Center
Sant Quirze Production Center
Pilot Plant

STE Headquarters | Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

STE TECPHARM, which develops process equipment for solid products. The facilities are equipped with the best services, assembly workshop, 2 automatic warehouses to locate the parts and spare parts, area dedicated to FAT’s conditioned with all the necessary peripherals (compressed air, water, steam, CTA’s, etc. ) to perform the tests in the most optimal conditions.


The same central building also is home of the software department, the electrical department, the engineering department, R & D, the buying group and the rest of central services of the Group and Accounting.

STE Production Plant | Sant Quirze (Barcelona)

This Production plant is located 15 minutes away from the headquarters premises, is dedicated to the large equipment production and / or height of more than 4m.
It can also provide all the services to be able to produce the equipment with the highest quality and to offer a FAT service with the best conditions.

STE  Pilot Plant:

The Pilot Plant is also located in the main building, it covers an area of 250 sqm. Equipped with its own STE technologies for tests and trials of solid forms:

  Wet granulation process (Total capacity 50 Liters. Useful capacity from 15 Lts. to 33 Lts).
  Fluid bed dryer 60 Liters. Bottom spray and Top spray.
  Mixers, Different containers: Bi-cone/Bin/V/drum (5L a 75 L).
  Dry and wet granulation.
  Perforated drum coater (from 2 kg. up to 50 kg).