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The Laboratory Mixer has been designed to perform a mixing process for solids and powders with different types of containers.

It is innovative high-quality equipment certified by accredited entities.
It has been completely designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and the GMP normative.

Used for the development of new products, the Laboratory Mixer is provided of a technology that easily allows changing into a pilot scale. Moreover, it also provides useful information for industrial batches.

This model has been designed considering the three main mixing variables determining a mixture: equipment geometry (container), loading level of the equipment, and mixing speed.

The Laboratory Mixer allows the exchange of recipients of different geometries, such as:
Double cone.
“V” Shape.

There are 3 interchangeable containers of 2L, 5L, and 10L available for each type.

It is equipped with an electronic speed variation.


More and more it is important to optimize processes before to industrialization, aiming at minimizing time and cost risks. In STE there is a pilot plant for testing purposes with all equipment at the pilot scale.  This facility allows the client to perform a complete scaling-up for each process.


STE TECPHARM offers all range of services such as installation, integration within the client facilities, start-up, qualification, training and production support.

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