Sep 1, 2019 | Equipment, Fluidized Bed Dryers, Granulation Lines

Commissioning of a new 1,100L fluidized bed dryer for a major Italian pharmaceutical company. This company has 16 production plants worldwide and is present in more than 130 countries. The equipment has been successfully installed and commissioned in the Spanish production plant.

The customer already had a high shear mixer granulator, to which has been added a wet conical mill calibrator, the 1,100L fluidized bed dryer with its inlet and outlet air treatment units, and a dry mill calibrator.
The loading and unloading of the product are carried out by means of a vacuum system, avoiding the loss of the product and reducing the risks of cross-contamination.
It incorporates a WIP cleaning system.
The entire installation has been adapted to ATEX II 2G / D regulations.

Before contracting the equipment, the client was able to carry out product tests in the STE Tecpharm pilot plant, being able to previously check the performance and obtain scalable results.

In the Fluidized Bed Dryer, the drying process is carried out to reduce the humidity in the granule. Hot air is introduced through a vacuum generated inside the equipment. The wet solids rise from the bottom and are suspended in a current of air, remaining in a fluidized state. The heat transfer and the low humidity of the air in direct contact with the wet granule allow the evaporation of the water or solvents, reducing their humidity.