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Customer satisfaction is the key point of our company. Mutual appreciation, openness and honesty are the fundamental values for the business relationship with our clients. For STE Tecpharm, communication and service are the links for trusting customer relations and partnerships. That’s why helping you to solve the needs of process technology is the main objective of the company. We want to hear what our clients think about us and our products and share with them the best results.



Oncology products laboratory.
Installed Equipment:
Complete Lab Line:

  • Granulator Lab GLAB10
  • Granulator Lab GLAB5
  • Mixer V25-50
  • Coater Ri5/10

ProJect: Pilot-scale production of solid forms for oncological products. The incorporation of STE Lab equipment has allowed them to save time and reduce costs prior to production with large equipment as they directly scale the recipe, which has already been studied with our equipment.


Laboratory generic products.
Installed Equipment:

  • Coating Turbine R150

Project: Improvements for the client: A time-saving achievement of 60% in the process of coating a multi-layer product. The client sees this improvement as part of their overall strategy: to optimize employee / product cost and improve the environmental impact of their products.

Hydra Pharm Groupe

Pharmaceutical Laboratory
Installed Equipment:

  • Granulation Line TPG HSM
  • Coater TPRi50

– Complete Lab Line:

  • Granulator Lab GLAB10
  • Granulator Lab GLAB5
  • Mixer V25-50
  • Coater Ri5/10

Project: STE Tecpharm is the technological partner of Groupe  HYDRA PHARM. In 2012 it invested in a new production unit for medicines in Khemis-Miliana, Algeria, which complies with all the most stringent international standards.

The industrial unit has four production lines and a quality control laboratory, equipped with the latest technology and with a production capacity of 64 million units.


Pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in oral solid products and sterile forms and the manufacture of antiemetic, anti-infective, cardiovascular, pain and respiratory products.
Equipo instalado:

  • Fluid Bed STE TP S-220

Project: A project with close collaboration between Lesvi and STE to reduce process-time and improve the quality and control of the granulation process. Automation has also been achieved in the cleaning process, saving considerable time for the client through efficiency.


Laboratory manufacturer of generic drugs based on steroids, with applications in productive health, hormone therapy, substitute hormone therapy, oncological treatments and adrenal corticosteroids.
Installed Equipment:

  • Emulsifying reactor TPE 500
  • Emulsifying reactor TPE 750
  • Central Control System deposit in stock
  • System WIP 500 + 750

Project: STE and Cyndea have worked together to automate a manual process. A complete soft gelatin manufacturing facility has been designed, as well as an automatic transfer and cleaning system. The project also includes a special washing cabin for cleaning gelatin drying machines.

We have also developed equipment for: