As well STE Group’s commitment to it clients, providers and employees, the company has a social policy which guarantees the return of the trust that society has placed in the company, contributing to a more prosperous, dignified and balanced society

Collaboration with the Sant Juan de Dios Hospital Order

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For many years our STE Group has been collaborating with the Sant Juan de Dios Hospital Order, a non-profit religious entity that welcomes, accompanies and is engaged with organizations and with the most disadvantaged people in this world.

STE is a collaborating and caring company that helps each year to finance the social programs dedicated to people in a vulnerable situation.

The person’s integral management is covered by different programs: Household, Health, Occupation, Awareness, Cooperation, Participation.

Collaboration with Invulnerables Foundation

The Invulnerables Foundation is an alliance between the Department of Welfare and Family, the Barça Foundation and “Obra Social” (Social Work)  “La Caixa” established by Sor Lucía Caram. The alliance’s objective is to break the cycle of poverty that is passed on from one generation to the next through the most fundamental tool: Education.

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Meal centers in Cerdanyola del Vallès

STE is in direct contact with our local area churches in order to collaborate with the meal centers dedicated to help the most disadvantaged people of our society. We organize food deliveries, economic donations, and we participate in Christmas campaigns.