A successful third edition of Open Family Day organized by STE Group

A successful third edition of Open Family Day organized by STE Group

On 7th September, STE Group organized an event for its employees and families with the slogan Let’s go racing. An event where through games, participants had the opportunity to meet and get closer to their partners.
STE’s Open Family Day took place at the Hotel Montanyà, outside the city of Barcelona, surrounded by an extremely pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. From early in the morning until late in the afternoon, all the guests could enjoy the facilities of the place as well as a meal in the hotel lounge.
From STE‘s management we want to thank all the attendees for their presence and we are already starting to prepare the event for the following year.

STE Tecpharm presents its new OPTIMA Coating System | Coater TPR Optima

STE Tecpharm presents its new OPTIMA Coating System | Coater TPR Optima

STE Tecpharm introduces a new coating system called OPTIMA COATING SYSTEM. This perforated drum technology increases the batch size range from 10% to 100% and optimizes the parameter adjustment automatically.

On May 14th, 15th and 16th, STE opened its doors to a selection of customers interested in this new totally safe coating technology, designed in a way that the operator does not have to manipulate the equipment.

Among many of the advantages offered by the TP R OPTIMA are:

Maximum flexibility batch range
Automatic adjustment depending on the level of charge
Arm driven by 2 motors
Automatic flaps to regulate exhaust air
In wall design

More than 50 clients from all over the world visited the STE facilities in Barcelona and have had the opportunity to see the new coating system working at full capacity. During the day two tests were carried out, one with 30KG of product (oblong tablets), and one of 300KG, so customers have witnessed live the flexibility of the TP R OPTIMA to cover batch sizes with weighings in the same equipment so different. All the tests have been successful! Obtaining a very good valuation by the clients.

In this way, STE Tecpharm completes its range of TP R products (COATERS) offering the highest quality and versatility in the world of solid coating.

For more information vist TP R – Coater OPTIMA

STE Group takes part in the San Joan de Déu Magic Line 2019

STE Group takes part in the San Joan de Déu Magic Line 2019

On February 24 STE Group took part in the SJD Magic Line, a walk of solidarity with all proceeds going to projects to help people in vulnerable situations.

With a total of 941 teams and more than 14,000 participants, a grand total of €316,773 was raised, achieving far beyond what had been targeted. STE Group had three teams taking part in the 10k and 20k walks.

As well STE Group’s commitment to it clients, providers and employees, the company has a social policy which guarantees the return of the trust that society has placed in the company, contributing to a more prosperous, dignified and balanced society. As such, the group takes great pleasure in participating in events such as this one organized by the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation.

(For more details on STE Group’s action during the event, visit: http://www.magiclinesjd.org/ca/equips/1)
STE Tecpharm / Annual Sales Meeting 2019

STE Tecpharm / Annual Sales Meeting 2019

On February 20th & 21st, STE Tecpharm held its Annual Sales Meeting with its sales team and commercial network, with agents from 3 continents and 12 countries around the world.

During the event, the 2018 results were analyzed, as well as the new objectives for 2019.

The Schedule was as follow:
Sales plan by business areas
• Sales plan by markets
R & D: development plan and new patents
Marketing plan
Exclusive event: visit to the F1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmeló.

In addition, they had the opportunity to learn about the new projects and patents developed by the R&D department, which undoubtedly generated great expectation on the participants. The new marketing plan was also presented, which will greatly help agents promote
STE Tecpharm’s equipment in the global market.

Agents and distributors also visited the company’s facilities where they could see the process machines production area, including the spectacular LG600, the Coater and the 1 and 2 elevator mixer columns.

In addition, a team building event was organized in the F1 Circuit of Montmeló, which strengthened the ties between agents, distributors and the company.

We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartidly thank all the participants for their attendance and participation.

STE Tecpharm Commitment – Circular Economy

STE Tecpharm Commitment – Circular Economy

STE Tecpharm is committed to maintaining an economic and sustainability model which focuses on areas such as design thinking, systems thinking, reuse and recycling:

At STE Tecpharm we design our equipment considering:

Rational energy consumption: water, electricity and steam
We select the best equipment to transform mass and energy
Traceability Software to control and visualize consumption
Specialized Software which deals with resource optimization
Minimizing the costs associated with production without neglecting environmental costs
Collection and recycling of old equipment
Reuse of useful pieces
Treating and processing all generated waste

For STE Tecpharm the importance of the circular economy approach, is one where not only the company benefits, but also the environment, the social economy and sustainability. It is a strategy that aims to reduce both the entry of materials and the production of virgin waste, in an effort to close economic and ecological loops.