STE Tecpharm delivers wet granulation equipment to a well-known Spanish laboratory specializing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid forms.
This set consists of a High Shear Granulator with a capacity of 200L and a mill calibrator installed at the product outlet of the granulator. The installation was carried out with the ATEX II certificate.

The Granulator
The high shear mixer granulator has been designed to optimize the wet granulation process, transforming a heterogeneous mixture of fine powder into a uniform granulation, with particle size and a higher density, offering an appropriate flow and optimum compatibility, within of a process of short duration and repetition.
It has been fully designed and built by STE in Europe according to the legal requirements and pharmaceutical standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP), with integrated design inside the cleanroom.

Wet granulation
Granulation refers to the process in which the primary dust particles are adhered to form larger entities of multiple particles called granules. In this wet granulation process, the granules are formed by the addition of a binder solution. The granulation solution contains a solvent or carrier material that must be volatile so that it can be removed by drying and not being toxic. Typical liquids include water, ethanol, and isopropanol alone or in combination. The liquid solution may be aqueous or solvent-based. Aqueous solutions have the advantage of being safer to treat than other solvents. The granulation process combines one or more dust particles and forms a granule that will allow the formation of tablets within the required limits. In this way a predictable and repeatable process is possible and quality tablets can be produced using STE TECPHARM technology.